Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adventures In Solitary Habitating: Episode One

The roommate, or shall I say person formerly known as, is going to feed my cat/plants while I'm in Chicago this weekend. This is a gmail conversation we had earlier today.

me: hey
before i forget
there is a cup on the floor of my bedroom
don't pick it up
there is a bug under it
i'm waiting for it to die
Amy: umm I can let it out for you
so you don't have to collect bug corpses
me: well it might deserve to die
it almost gave me a heart attack
Amy: what kind of mini beast is it
me: i think it is a cricket
it attacked me in the middle of the night
Amy: well, it'll be gone when you get back
me: you are too nice
Amy: the mental image of you capturing it is awesome by the way. I know you well enough to know exactly how the scene went
me: imagine that + confused frantic waking up in the middle of the night when it attacked me
it was a bit chaotic
but i survived
Amy: good
me: and the creature has been in bug prison for two days to think about what he did
Amy: heheh -- time out
me: exaaaaactly

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